5 Best Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth

A missing tooth is not desirable for anyone. It affects your personality and the appearance of your smile. Missing teeth can be a result of any reason, which includes gum disease, injury, or any severe decay in your teeth. A genetic condition can also sometimes lead to missing teeth and can cause several problems for a person. 

Regardless of the reasons, a missing tooth is not acceptable. If you are also facing any such issue, this article will help you understand some important solutions to missing teeth. If you are living in Concord, you can find various dentist in Concord, NC, with whom you can discuss your problem and find the best solutions. 

What are the 5 Best Options for Replacing Missing Tooth? 

Dental Implants: It is one of the most common methods of tooth replacement. This method is considered one of the reliable methods to replace the missing tooth, and it also looks like a real tooth. It provides a permanent solution to the missing tooth, especially if there are multiple missing teeth in different areas. Some researchers recommend that if proper care is taken, dental implants can last a lifetime. The process of a dental implant is to insert a tooth-like material in place of the missing one, which resembles a real tooth. 

Implant-Supported Bridge: An implant-supported bridge is also one of the ideal solutions for missing teeth. This process suggests that a dental implant at each missing tooth is unnecessary. Therefore, in this process, the two ends of the teeth are secured with implants, and the middle one is secured without screwing.

Tooth-Supported Bridge: In this method, there is no use of another implant; it uses the existing tooth to support the placement of a bridge. A crown is fixed in place of the missing tooth, and thus, it looks like natural teeth. 

Removable Partial Dentures: These removable dentures are the simpler option to replace the missing tooth. It is similar to dental implants. In comparison to a complete set of dentures, removable partial dentures are suggested for a few missing teeth. These removable partial dentures are clasped at the correct position, and it ensures that the false teeth are held at the appropriate spot. 

Flipper: It is a temporary partial denture that flips in and out from its position. A flipper is not dependent on any surrounding tooth and also does not possess any metal clasps. This solution is not long-lasting, and it is also sometimes uncomfortable.