All About Slogan Writing

Have you ever seen phrases like “Save Water, Save Life” or “School Ahead Drive Slow”? Well, these small yet catchy phrases are known as slogans. Slogans are mainly framed with the idea that they should influence a large number of people. Writing a slogan isn’t an easy job to do; the slogan might contain fewer words, but its impact is enormous. Composing a slogan requires one to pick their brains efficiently.

Slogan writing is one of the essential topics that are introduced in students’ English syllabus as they get into higher classes. The main reason why slogan writing is infused in the English syllabus is to make sure that students become more creative and make use of their imagination. To write a slogan, one has to make sure that they know well about the topic they are writing about as only then they’ll be able to capture the true essence of it. BYJU’S offers plenty of slogans for kids which kids can practise to improve their slogan writing skills.

Importance of Slogan Writing

One might wonder why slogan writing is so important? Or how does slogan writing help someone? Here we’ll look through the importance of slogan writing. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Expands the imagination – Slogan writing might seem easy, but it isn’t. One has to think hard and use their imagination power to come up with a unique yet effective slogan. Though the slogans are short, a lot of brainstorming goes into it. If one wants to write a unique slogan, then they need to expand their imagination.
  • Standing out – If you’ve noticed, each slogan is different from the other. So preparing a perfect slogan helps it to stand out from the rest. A unique slogan helps to attract a large audience and help them to correlate to that particular slogan for a longer time.
  • More effective – Which would be more effective? A long speech on saving nature or a small yet powerful slogan that tells you to protect nature? Of course, the slogan. A powerful slogan has the ability to sway people in its direction. Most often, many political parties or government agendas are propagated through slogans. The main purpose of the slogan is that it reaches a large audience within a short period of time.

How to Write a Slogan

Now that you have all the importance of slogan writing, the next thing you need to know is how you can write a slogan. You can’t just copy someone else’s slogan; it has to be unique. So let’s have a look at how someone can write a slogan.

  • Read the topic on which you’re asked to write the slogan on. Suppose you are asked to write a slogan on save water, so you need to know about how water is wasted? Or how one can save water. Once you’ve read about the topic, it becomes easier to write a slogan on how to save water.
  • Look out for the different slogans that are already present regarding the topic you’re preparing your slogan for. The existing slogans will help you understand how you can write a slogan on your own. Do not copy from the existing slogans; take ideas and be creative.
  • Now that you know about the concerned topic on which you have to write a slogan and the different examples of slogans on a similar topic, go ahead and make a unique slogan that captures your point of view. Ensure the slogan isn’t too long and is catchy.