Best bowlers in  International ODI and ICC Champions Trophy

There are 50 overs matches in the ICC Champion Trophy. This is a global tournament in which the best teams compete to win. Performers who are widely thought to be the best in their field take part in these one-day competitions to show off their skills.

The 10 bowlers below are some of the best in the world in the 50-over format. All by themselves, these bowlers can change the way a match goes in the tournament.

  • Mashrafe Mortaza ( One of the best bowlers in Bangladesh)

Mashrafe Mortaza’s stats:

Results: 175

Wickets: 230

SR: 38 RPO: 4.75 BB: 6-26

The ICC ranks Mashrafe Mortaza as the 15th-best bowler in the world for the one-day format.

The Bangladeshi captain, so the story goes, would also take the lead with the new ball and in his role as captain. Mortaza is a big man who can make the ball bounce even when the field is flat and lifeless. He can also give his team confidence by regularly taking wickets in the top order.

  • Adil Rashid (One of the best bowlers in England)

Adil Rashid has played in 46 games.

Wickets: 63

SR: 36 RPO: 5.67 BB: 527

Adil Rashid As of right now, the ICC ranks him 14th in ODI bowling.

People have said that England’s leg-spinner gets better with every international game they play. He is an important part of England’s team. Several batters have been fooled by his googly. Later in the tournament, when the courses that are used a lot start to get more complicated, the man from Yorkshire will start to show how good he is.

  • Mitchell Santner (One of the best bowlers in New Zealand)

Mitchell Santner’s stats

Matches: 36

Wickets: 43

SR: 38.9 RPO: 4.95 BB: 5-50

Mitchell Santner is ranked 11th in terms of how well he bowls in ODIs.

The story says that Santner does a great job of taking the place of Daniel Vettori, a veteran left-arm orthodox pitcher. A few weeks before, when the Black Caps were fighting in Dublin to win the tri-nations series, the 25-year-old bowler got his best career score of 5-50 against Ireland. The lack of a stock ball with a lot of spins is made up for by the fact that each ball moves at a different speed and goes in a different direction.

  • Shakib Al Hasan (One of the best bowlers in Bangladesh)

Shakib Al Hassan has played in 173 games.

Wickets: 224

SR: 39.3

 RPO: 4.38

 BB: 5-47 |

Shakib Al Hassan is ranked 10th by the ICC in bowling for One-Day Internationals.

Based on how he has played, Shakib is the best all-around player in the world going into the Champions Trophy. This is true in all formats. One could say that he is the best player Bangladesh has ever had. On the bowling side, he is a dangerous left-arm orthodox spinner who is economical in the middle overs. When he bowls, he uses his right arm. During his turn at bat, he can decide when and where to hit the ball over the rope or into the gaps. Shakib is Bangladesh’s heartbeat, so if he is healthy, so will the rest of the team.

  • Chris Woakes (One of the best bowlers in England)

Chris Woakes has played in 62 games.

Wickets: 89

SR: 33.8

RPO: 5.59

BB: 6-45 |

The ICC ranks Chris Woakes as the seventh-best ODI bowler.

The story says that England’s best one-day international bowler has the skills of a world-class fast bowler, such as speed, accuracy, and the ability to move the ball in the air and off the seam. After a season with Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, he is now at the top of his game when it comes to white-ball cricket.

  • Josh Hazlewood (One of the best bowlers in Australia)

Josh Hazlewood’s stats

Matches: 35

Wickets: 55

 SR: 32.4

 RPO: 4.65

BB: 5-31 |

Josh Hazlewood is the sixth-best bowler in one-day internationals, according to the International Cricket Council. His SR is 32.4, his RPO is 4.65, and he has 5 wickets and 31 balls bowled.

The story says that Hazlewood is like a more experienced Glenn McGrath. The right-handed bowler keeps the batsmen on their toes by throwing the new ball outside the off stump, and he often wins games in the last few overs of an innings. Mitchell Starc and Hazlewood work together to do bad things, and Hazlewood is the perfect person to fight Starc.

  • Kagiso Rabada (One of the best bowlers in South Africa)

Kagiso Rabada’s stats

Matches: 37

Wickets: 64

SR: 29

RPO: 5.13

BB: 6-16

In One-Day International bowling, Kagiso Rabada is ranked fifth by the ICC.

Rabada is only 22, but he already rules the field with a level of maturity and skill that belies his age. Dale Steyn will become the Proteas’ pace king when he decides to end his long and successful international career. He has both a lot of natural speed and the skill to use it well.

  • Trent Boult (One of the best bowlers in New Zealand)

Trent Boult’s stats

Matches: 48

Wickets: 87

SR: 29.9

RPO: 4.98

 BB: 6-33

In the ICC One-Day International bowling rankings, Boult was in fourth place.

As for the background, Boult is probably the only bowler in the world who can use the swing to his advantage. Boult isn’t as fast as his predecessors, so he uses swerve more than speed to catch his enemies in his web. His fastball that swings in is very dangerous, but his stock ball that goes across the plate is just as dangerous for right-handed batters.

  • Mitchell Starc (One of the best bowlers in Australia)

The start was ranked second by the ICC for bowling in One-Day Internationals.

Mitchell Starc has played in 48 games.

Wickets: 87

SR: 29.9

RPO: 4.98

 BB: 6-33

The story goes that Mitchell Starc, Australia’s new captain and the best fast bowler in ODIs, will lead the team into good conditions for his deadly bowling attack. He is unbeatable in cricket when the ball is swinging, and even when it isn’t, he still has the skills and variety to be a dangerous opponent.

  • Imran Tahir (One of the best bowlers in South Africa)

Numbers about Imran Tahir

Matches: 75

Wickets: 127

SR: 31 RPO: 4.67 BB: 7-45 |

The ICC says that Imran is the best bowler in One-Day Internationals.

The veteran leg-spinner for the Proteas, the story goes, knows all the tricks in the book and still throws one of the best googlies around. His dangerous bowling still leads to a lot of wickets. Tahir, who is 38 years old and has a tight hamstring, is the key to South Africa’s chances. If his illness doesn’t get worse, Tahir will have a big impact on the tournament later on, when the pitches are worn down.

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