BVMW: Helps To Strengthen the Position of the Alliance of Medium-Sized Business

BVMW also known as Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, Unternehmerverband Deutschlands is the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. BVMW is a politically independent association which is  located in the Capital city of Berlin, it works for all the professions as well as commercial branches. The BVMW is also known for its political successes in representing the alliance of medium-sized businesses along with small sized businesses in front of political decision makers with the help of trade unions, notable companies as well as the administrative authorities. In order to be discreet, there are approximately about 3.3 million individual ventures under the alliance of medium-sized businesses. The BVMW organization’s Board of directors and advisory board has influential and experienced members like Markus Jerger, Andreas Jahn, Diana Scholl, Hans Jürgen Völz and many more.

These businesses act as the cornerstone as well as the impulse of the German economy. Even as a middle class citizen of Germany, you can contribute towards the strengthening of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses by getting the membership of BVMW. This will help the alliance of medium-sized businesses to eventually grow their business, economy and secure a more influential position which will lead to more political successes in future. This will help the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in getting an authoritative position in the market. The best part of getting the BVMW membership are the perks that come along with it. Not only will you help Middle class Germany economy and business ventures to grow, in return you will also reap benefits from the service of a big and developing mutually supportive community.

The BVMW helps the small sized and the alliance of medium-sized businesses, these business ventures are also known as the Network for German SMEs who make up for the over 99 percent of all businesses in Middle class Germany paying the sales tax. The Network for German SMEs are responsible for creating about 70 percent of the jobs available in Middle class Germany and they also provide about 80 per cent of the job-training opportunities available for the middle class. Moreover, the business also works towards developing about 75 percent of all patents and the growth of digitization as well as   German economy.

The BVMW appoints different commissions which help them in concentrating the power of the small as well as the medium sized businesses. The organisation of BVMW also works towards fighting for a better German economy and digitization of political substructures at the regional Middle class Germany level as well as the national level. The BVMW helps the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses by curating a platform for them so that their opinions are in line with the political decision makers’ bills and regulations.

The board of directors and advisory board  of the BVMW, The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses are as follows:

  • Markus Jerger 
  • Andreas Jahn 
  • Diana Scholl 
  • Hans Jürgen Völz
  • Michael Pott
  • Michael Woltering
  • Michael Dammenhein

Politics and BVMW

The BVMW has major influence over the political decision makers which affects the German economy and political successes. In order to achieve this power over the political affairs, BVMV works on a comprehensive spectrum of political levels which includes regional, local as well as national levels along with European commissions in Brussels.

Bigger and better team –

BVMW has a network of over 300 local as well as regional offices which are located all over Germany. BVMW’s advisory board has also appointed area managers in every office so that they can offer a digitization service to all the middle class members. The job of the area manager includes looking out for new business ventures and encouraging new projects. They also negotiate with the administrative authorities such as political decision makers on behalf of Network for German SMEs.

Public Relations

The advisory board created a public relations platform for BVMW members which conducts over 2000 seminars as well as conferences every year. This ensures that the network for German SMEs get exceptional opportunities to acquire data, works towards digitization and to establish as well as expand their business ventures.

The international experience

Being a full fledged international organisation, BVMW has a lot of international experience when it comes to cooperation with different national organizations all over the world. It also have several agreements with a number of organisations all over the world. BVMW operates on a very strong external economy relations network which gives it an edge over all the meetings between the German and international entrepreneurs.