Spectrum mobile network: worth it or not?  

 Spectrum network is a part of Charter Communications. Founded in the year 2014, Spectrum came into being after Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks were acquired by Charter Communications. Spectrum network is currently responsible for providing TV plans, internet services as well as phone services to more than 28 million users all over the nation of US. Most most people know Spectrum as a cable TV and internet service provider. However, this communication giant has moved into a new territory by offering mobile phone services as well.


Currently, Spectrum mobile services are only available to the existing Spectrum customers.

This makes it a niche specific brand. However, those who are eligible can go for the mobile plans as well.


There are many Spectrum mobile plans available for their customers. The unlimited data plan is actually pretty expensive. However, if you decide to go for Spectrum mobile, you can avail the $45 unlimited data plan. This is amongst the cheapest in the mobile industry right now. The plan is also pretty robust. The plan allows you to talk for an unlimited period of time as well as offers unlimited texting option. You will be availing other features like the availability of many high speed Wi-Fi hotspots, free international calling, mobile hotspot access and other interesting features.


If you like bulk buying you will love the Spectrum’s by-the-gig plan. Under this plan, you will only be paying for the data that you use in a month. The customers of Spectrum mobile who opt for this plan will only be paying $14 a month for the unlimited talk time and texting as well as for the first GB of data. After the first GB of data, every gigabyte will cost you $14. This option

will work great for those who do not use a lot of data. However, if you are a person who uses over 4GB of data in a month, you should go for the unlimited data plan.


Network coverage

At the moment, Spectrum mobile does not have its own cellular network. It is using the Verizon wireless cell phone towers to provide mobile service to their customers. Since Verizon has the strongest network in the country, the Spectrum mobile customers can get coverage even in the rural regions of the country.



Like other discount providers, Spectrum mobile also offers some additional benefits to their customers. Possibly the most exciting product that the company has offered so far is the mobile hotspot data. The customers are allowed to use up to 5GB of mobile data at full speed with Spectrum. After 5GB, the hotspot speed will be reduced.


Cons of Spectrum

As is the case with most companies, there are a few pros and there are a few cons. Spectrum is no different. Even though Spectrum has offered a decent priced high powered mobile plan, there are a few caveats. If these are fixed, Spectrum would become unbeatable.


Only available to Spectrum customer

As has been mentioned before, Spectrum mobile plans are only available to the existing Spectrum customers. You must at least have Spectrum internet connection before you sign up for the mobile service. This issue has driven away many potential customers. Even though you may qualify for the phone service after availing the internet services, the problem still remains. If you cancel your internet subscription, you will have to pay an extra $20 every month for your phone connection otherwise the Wi-Fi speed gets reduced to 5MBPS.


The data plan is also very limited in case of Spectrum. Spectrum currently has only two data plans for the customers. The unlimited data plan and the gig. If any of these plans works for you, well and good. If it doesn’t, then it is better that you look at other companies for your phone data.


You can also add your whole family to your phone plan but it will not save you any extra money. Sometimes, the family plan is more expensive than the individual plans put together.


To change your mobile plan or to even check how much data is remaining in your internet plan, you can use the Spectrum mobile app. Once you are done with Spectrum mobile login, you can see how much data is remaining in your plan for your home internet and your phone internet, change your subscription plans et cetera.


If you want a good phone internet connection network, Spectrum is a good option. But there are many better options available in the market. In the field of phones, Spectrum is still fairly new and has its work cut out. If Spectrum works on their misgivings and makes those aspects better,

there is a chance for Spectrum will rise to be the biggest phone network in the US.