French Windows: Things to Know before making a purchase 

Most people love French windows; however, many may not actually know what French windows exactly are. They are very similar to casement windows and could be easily confused. 

French windows are long and narrow and have two panels that may either open inwards or outwards. They do not have a fixed post between panes, which is what differentiates them from casement windows. 

The absence of the fixed post enables them to create a more spacious opening. To avoid any confusion, you can just buy products like fenêtres Inter-Québec that have the classical look of French windows along with modern innovative designs. 

French Windows Vs. French Doors

Most people also confuse French doors with French windows. Although they may be very similar in terms of their design and structure, they do not have the same functionalities. If the structure is used as a traditional door, you can call it a French window. If it opens inwards or outwards like a window, you can call it a French window. Also, if it reaches down to the floor and is narrow, it is a French window.

Why Install French Windows?

Well, most people love French windows because they are charming and beautiful. However, there is more than just charm to them. Here are the reasons why it’s worth it to buy French windows:

  • Natural Light

Windows, when closed, can make rooms look dark. This problem is totally absent in the case of French windows as they allow natural sunlight to enter your property. Your room will look bright even when the sky is full of dark clouds. This is the main driving force and motivation behind why owners prefer French windows. 

  • Two-In-One Functions 

French windows can act as windows and doors at the same time if they are installed in a certain way. 

  • Ventilation 

Since French windows allow more sunlight and air to enter, and it makes your room look spacious, they are incredibly best at providing ventilation. 

  • Easy to Use

French windows can be opened both outwardly and inwardly, which makes them easy to install and use. 

  • Efficiency

French windows do not allow heat and noise to escape from your room, which makes them best when it comes to thermal and acoustic efficiency. 

  • Emergency Exit

French windows can be very reliable and easy emergency exits. 

  • Low Maintenance

French windows may be a bit more expensive than traditional windows; you will incur relatively fewer maintenance costs because of them. 


French windows are very easy to use and can add value to your house due to their beautiful nature. They are worth the money because you can also use them as doors, and they offer extra levels of free ventilation.