PRP Treatment for Hair Loss: Does it work? 

Hair loss can take away all your confidence. When you step out, people make fun of your baldness. When you have too much hair loss at home, your family notices it too. Guests arrive at home and see hair everywhere. Now, there is a much more serious problem. Hair loss is making you underconfident and it could lead to depression as well. 

Have you heard of PRP treatment in Montreal? Doctors are now offering platelet-rich plasma treatments which help in restoring hair growth. 

How does the procedure work? What’s this procedure, anyway? We have so much to share and that’s why you must read this full article. 

PRP Rejuvenation Treatment – What is it? 

The treatment utilizes platelet-rich plasma, it’s much similar to micro-needling with PRP. 

PRP helps in improve your skin quality and volume. Platelet-rich plasma creates a serum using your blood. The isolated plasma is applied or injected into the treated/targeted areas. 

It’s a helpful procedure for those who want to restore hair growth. 

If you are thinking of getting this procedure done, you might want to know how much it costs. Jump to the next section. 

The cost of PRP Rejuvenation 

PRP rejuvenation cost varies as per individual needs and the place you are getting it done from. What are your aesthetic goals? You have to speak to the doctor and find out what is suitable for you. 

Where can you get PRP treatment? 

Clinique anti aging hair PRP treatment is the best option for you. The doctors will provide the best solution to you given your circumstances. 

Both men and women can go for this procedure. It’s a non-invasive procedure and recovery time isn’t too long. In fact, it’s next to nothing. 

PRP Treatment – How is it performed? 

A blood sample is needed and it’s drawn from the arm. 

Once this is drawn, the plasma is isolated. This is done after the doctor spun the blood sample in a centrifuge. 

It is altered to amplify the concentration of the plasma. The PRP serum extracted is then applied or injected to the targeted areas. 

Several sessions might be needed for this procedure. 

PRP treatment has proven to be helpful for many people. When you get it done by the right professional, the chances of success are higher. 

Always listen to the doctor and make a list of pros and cons. There will be some tenderness in the beginning, but the side effects are not as grave.