How to prepare for IBPS SO IT Officer?

There are millions of aspirants who are targeting getting a job in a specific position like IBPS SO IT officer. But to get a job in this position, a candidate has to pass the examination that is conducted by IBPS every year. There are numerous books and methods a candidate can refer to crack this examination. The following points listed below can be followed by an aspirant if he or she desires to get a good rank in the examination.

How to score good marks in the IBPS SO IT exam?

  • Gather the necessary knowledge: The first step for the tempting IBPS SO IT exam is to gather all the information about the pattern of the exam and the syllabus. It is essential to go through the syllabus to understand whether you are capable of giving this exam.
  • Make an appropriate study plan:-After examining the syllabus and the exam pattern of the IBPS exam, it is important to make a study plan. Before making your study plan, you should keep in mind that you should include all the topics that are mentioned in your syllabus in your study plan. Make a study plan that covers a 24-hour offer day because studying throughout the day is pointless. It is essential to make a study plan that covers all subjects in an equal amount of time so that you can brush up your grip on every subject each day.
  • Practice previous year paper:– Many aspirants frequently fail to practice the previous year’s equation paper. But in the long run, this is a dangerous habit because if you do not practice the IBPS SO previous year’s question paper, you will not have a good grip on the question pattern. Often, solving numerous questions papers can make you recognize important questions, and if those important questions appear on your exam, then it will be beneficial for you to solve them in less time. By solving equation papers, you will even understand how much time you should allow for each section to solve the question paper on time.
  • Keep negative marking in mind while practicing: Often, many aspirants, to answer numerous questions, try to guess the answer. But in real scenarios, guessed answers are not always correct. Answering any question without knowing the actual answer is a bad practice. Being an accident of the IBPS SO IT examination, it is essential to avoid as much bad practice as possible. Since there are millions of competitors who are all fighting for limited vacancies, You will get negative marks for a long answer. Hence, if you answer any question without charity, then let me cost you a huge negative mark. For word search practices, it is beneficial to start from day one. Hence, whenever you are solving a question paper, try to avoid answering while guessing.
  • Try to attend a mock test:-With the help of a mock test, you can examine your potential at every moment. Hence, try to attend at least three more tests every week so that you can check your progression and even check where your numbers are deducting so that you can work on the arias at which you are weak. If you stop getting progressive scores in your mock tests, then it will automatically boost your confidence, which is very essential to attempt this examination.


Being an aspirant, you need to hold your patience. Since the syllabus for this examination is very bad and you need to have proper knowledge of the maximum number of topics mentioned in the syllabus, It is important to note that you should not stress about the topic on which you are weak instead of working on it.

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