Desktop as a Service – Its Types and Benefits

One of the clouds computing that offers a service, where the provider provides virtual desktops to users over the internet is known as DaaS i.e. desktop as a service. One of the best things that you will know is that the service provider of DaaS is licensed with a per-user subscription. The service provider of DaaS ensures the backend management for all kinds of business but mainly for the small business organization, which finds it tough to create their real-time desktop infrastructure to be expensive and resource consuming. The services, which the DaaS system provider provides, are back up, maintenance, updates, and also included are data storage. Apart from that, cloud service DaaS system providers also handle security and applications for the desktop, or there are certain services that the users can handle individual basis also.

Types of DaaS

Out of the desktops in the DaaS system – there are 2 kinds of desktops that are available or provided – non-persistent and persistent.

Persistent desktop

In this type of DaaS desktop, the users get the option of customization and save the desktop, so that every time when someone logs in it looks the same. Compared to the non-persistent desktop, a persistent desktop requires more storage. In addition, this is one of the reasons why it is so expensive.

Non-persistent desktop

In this type of desktop, the desktop is cleared every time the user logs out. Moreover, the ways to access shared cloud services are limited. In the cloud services, the providers can allow the consumers to select either one or both allowing the employees with specific needs to use a persistent desktop and provide use to occasional or temporary workers through a non-persistent desktop. It means any employee who is temporary can use a non-persistent desktop.

Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Compared to the traditional model of desktop, the DaaS (desktop as a service) offers some good benefits. Users using the DaaS model can work much faster and in less expensive ways. Active end users can be deployed faster and decommissioning can be done. Your desktop is configured and all you need to do is simply connect to a new widow’s device. DaaS system can also be very useful for seasonal employers whose businesses are continuously facing spikes and drops in demand. This will reduce the cost and also save a lot of money. For IT support the downtime is reduced and Desktop as service permits companies to offer the employees with remote IT support, reducing the downtime. Plus, there is also cost-saving in using the desktop as a service system. Compared to the traditional desktop, the device that works on DaaS needs less computing power, they are pretty less expensive and use less power.

Enhanced Security & Flexibility

Apart from that, the DaaS system provides enhanced device flexibility. DaaS systems work on a variety of OS and device type that supports the fashion of users carrying their own devices into the office. So, this transfers the burden of supporting the desktop on all these kinds of devices to the cloud service provider of DaaS. With desktop-as-a-serviceyou get improved security. One of the reasons for the same is that all the information is stored in the DaaS data center, so the risk of losing data is less. So, suppose your employee’s laptop or mobile device is stolen, then one of the best things is to disconnect from the services. Plus, through this system, not a single piece of data will be there in the device, so there is no chance for your sensitive company details to get in the hands of the thief.

Install Updates & Subscription Model Available

With the environment of the DaaS system, you can easily install updates and security patches. One of the best things that you will know about the Desktop as a service is that through this system the desktop can be updated constantly even from a remote location. Many people would want to know how does a DaaS system works -? The cloud service supplier will host the infrastructure, storage, network resources in the cloud, and will process a virtual or online desktop to the device of the user. So, here the user can use the data of the desktop and its application through a web browser or other software. There is also a subscription model through which organizations can buy virtual desktops. One of the major benefits of DaaS is that users can use it from any location and access it. Another benefit is that the management of work is simple, with enhanced flexibility and low cost of ownership, if you compare it with the traditional model.